Highway Transports

1- Partial Transportation:

Partial transportation service can be defined as a logistics service that enables companies or institutions with less products to receive transportation services more economically. This type of transport contains materials from multiple companies on the same vehicle.
The materials are delivered to the buyer in the fastest and most reliable way since we have daily vehicle departures from the locations where our shipping centers are located.
Our company is the market leader in the sector and its region in partial transportation to Iraq.

2- Complete Transportation:

Complete transportation is the complete loading of a company or an individual’s goods / goods into a single transport vehicle, which must be transported from address to address and that can fill a vehicle.
Products / materials are transported by different vehicles such as panel-van, van, truck, truck, according to their destination, type, size and weight.
RAINBOW GROUP in line with customer demand for goods and products to install from anywhere in the world and Turkey and they want to carry out the delivery point provides complete transport service by.

3- Express Transport:

GÖKKUŞAĞI GROUP carries out the delivery service in a shorter period of time, without entering the line of trucks and trucks in customs with our 3-4-ton panel-van, van-type vehicles.
Delivery by express transport to Northern provinces of Iraq in 2-3 days, delivery to Baghdad in 3-4 days, to Southern provinces in 5-6 days.

4- Transit Transportation:

It refers to the transportation of passengers or goods that start in any country and end in another country after passing through the territory of at least one country, which includes transports over countries other than the countries of origin and expiration.
– from Europe to Iraq and Turkey complete and partial road transport,
– Indirect Turkey from Europe to Iraq combined complete and partial (seaway + road) transport,
– Partial and complete sea transportation from all World ports,
– Transit customs clearance services are provided.