About Us

As Rainbow Group, with its more than 25 years of experience and professional staff in the transportation sector, 150 trucks of its own 2018-2019 model (EURO5) Özmal Truck is a road transport organizer with Euro 5 norms Pilot / Mega / Maxima / Optima / Truck Trailer trailer.

Our company’s offices in Europe and Turkey as a result of continuous investments, warehouses, professional personnel, are among the most successful Supplier of Rainbow Turkey with his trusted agents overseas and domestic cooperation.

We can summarize Rainbow Group activities as follows:

  • Europe / Turkey / European freight transport between opposing complete
  • International Forwarding Organization
  • Seaway container and conventional cargo transportation
  • Regular partial service from door to door
  • Oversized parts and project transportation
  •  Logistic support + storage + customs clearance from export and import shipments